Modern tea experience in Tokyo


I went to this beautiful place in Tokyo called Souen. It is a modern tea house that is inspired by the traditional Japanese tea ceremony but with the new twist that they serve the tea in cocktails. The environment is calm and minimalistic, only with natural materials: stone, brass, wood and ceramics. The bartender is fully focused on his task: pouring water, preparing tea, mixing the cocktail and serving it in the perfect glass. This was an experience for all the senses!

Digital mindfulness

Pause app by ustwo and PausAble

Are you also a digital junkie? As soon as you have some time over you pull out your phone to scroll around in your feed to see what is happening on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or other medias? And most of the time you just feel that it is a stupid waste of time. Next time you do this you can stop yourself and download an app called Pause (yes, it’s available both for Android and iOS). You let your finger follow a colorful, organic shape that grows with time as it moves over your screen. The color changes from time to time. We like that the graphics are simple and the colors are soft, and you actually get really relaxed by concentrating on this simple task.

The app is developed by Malmö based ustwo in collaboration with Peng Cheng, a UX designer and founder of PauseAble.

Bye bye 2015


Reflecting on the past year and going through all my images on my phone I realize how much I have been traveling in 2015. I am privileged to have a job where I get to go to inspiring places and meet people and explore cultures. I am also privileged to earn enough money and have time to take vacation and travel on my spare time as well, and I am very grateful for this. I believe we all grow when we expand our horizons and see that the world is so much more than what we have in our close surroundings.

2016 will also start with some time away from home.

Next week I will go to Tokyo and stay there for a month. I will share my thoughts and inspirations from Japan on the blog. Tokyo is a really inspiring city filled with so much fun, crazy, stylish people, culture and food that I can’t wait to explore more in depth!

Pantone color of the year 2016


Pantone has released the color of the year 2016, and for the first time it is not one color but two. Or actually the blending between these two shades that are chosen to be the color of the year. I think that they are spot on, we do see a lot of blendings, gradients and iridescence coming. I have gathered some examples of this that I have spotted recently.


Colors of Bologna

colors of bologna

Bologna, also known as “la cittá rossa” – the red city – referring to the colors of the buildings but also to the political preference of many bolognesi. The earthy red is beautiful and present everywhere, from the color of the bricks to the color of the terrazzo on the pavements. I love the patterns that is created in terrazzo mixing stones in various sizes and colors with colored cement. We start to see more and more terrazzo in interiors and furniture. My favourite are these tables by Frama in Copenhagen.

I think we will see a lot more of terrazzo to come, to quote the queen of swedish design blogs Lotta Agaton “terrazzo is the new Carrara”.

Inspiring reading for color lovers

Reproducing Scholten & Badjings

I can warmly recommend the book about Scholten & Baijings, the masters of gradients, fadings and neon accents. I really like that they are showing so much of their creative process. This book is a must for every CMF designer!

The ISBN is 9780714868714 if you want to buy the book.