Colors of Bologna

colors of bologna

Bologna, also known as “la cittá rossa” – the red city – referring to the colors of the buildings but also to the political preference of many bolognesi. The earthy red is beautiful and present everywhere, from the color of the bricks to the color of the terrazzo on the pavements. I love the patterns that is created in terrazzo mixing stones in various sizes and colors with colored cement. We start to see more and more terrazzo in interiors and furniture. My favourite are these tables by Frama in Copenhagen.

I think we will see a lot more of terrazzo to come, to quote the queen of swedish design blogs Lotta Agaton “terrazzo is the new Carrara”.

Inspiring reading for color lovers

Reproducing Scholten & Badjings

I can warmly recommend the book about Scholten & Baijings, the masters of gradients, fadings and neon accents. I really like that they are showing so much of their creative process. This book is a must for every CMF designer!

The ISBN is 9780714868714 if you want to buy the book.

Christmas feeling


Christmas is getting closer and I can’t wait to get started to decorate at home. I want to keep it simple and my main decoration is flowers, greenery and lighting off course.

I love the Burgundy red color and I’m thinking of combining it with a faded pink and silver green.

Hej! Hello! And how to make the first impression…

This is the first post in our new blog. A bit scary and at the same time really exciting… It’s all so white and empty, and you know, you really want to make a good first impression!
So what’s all this about? Color therapy??! Let me explain further…
We are two friends and colleagues and we have been sitting next to eachother, working side by side for the last 8 years. We have talked, laughed, shared everything and helped eachother through tough times. We have discussed our ideas and thoughts about design, collaborated and built on eachothers ideas. We have shared images on Pinterest, looked at blogs, analyzed trend reports and discussed colors and finishes day in and day out for 8 years. 8 years! That’s a long time. And we had so much fun along the way.
But today we became former colleagues. We will no longer sit side by side and share everything. My heart breaks thinking about it. We need therapy for our creative souls. Color therapy.
We will use this space as a dialogue between us and continue to share, discuss and collaborate. Just in a different way. This space will be liberated from all the “musts” we face in our everyday work as designers and will be a free space for us to share small parts of our lifes, private projects that we are working on and other things that makes us happy. Our families, gardening, food, fashion or anything that sparks the creative spirit within us.
Today is the first day of the next chapter.
We hope that you want to share it with us.
 S & T.
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