a guide to Malmö

Niki, our friend at my scandinavian home, has created a lovely guide to my home town Malmö. photo Niki Brantmark

Malmö is a small city in the southern part of Sweden, just a bridge away from Copenhagen. It’s a lovely place to visit, specially during summer, with bright Swedish summer nights, many bars and restaurants buzzing of life and filled with happy people, and everything is within just a 5 minutes bike ride away.

Malmö and Skåne was selected one of the top places to visit by New York Times and I can warmly recommend a visit to this lovely place.

photo Niki Brantmark

Don’t miss Niki’s guide to Malmö that you can find here!


We wish you all a wonderful, colorful 2018!

Today was the first day of work this year and I started the day by looking through some color trend reports to get inspired and kick start the new year. It feels like there is much more color coming into our world again, both in fashion, interior and product design.

This is one of the trends from Stylus Color Spectrum for AW19-20, called Playful Optimism. I love it!

I was also looking at the Pantone color of the year, but I must say that I don’t believe in this color.

I believe that we will see more purple in 2018, but I think it will be newer, fresher versions of purple. I think we will see more of pale shades of purple that will become more of a base to replace white or grey. It becomes even more interesting when adding a color contrast to it.

In the interiors the shades will be even more pale and in combination with softer colors.

What do you think?

the Apartment in Copenhagen

This weekend I visited the amazingly beautiful showroom the Apartment. It is, as the name suggests, located in an apartment in the area called Christianshavn, just next to the canal. It’s my favourite area in Copenhagen, and not far from where I used to live! The area was originally built by dutch immigrants and you can clearly see the dutch influences in the architecture.

I have visited the Apartment a few times over the years and it is always really inspiring! This time they had an exhibition called Mingei with Japanese craft objects, curated by Terry Ellis.

The Japanese ceramics and textiles are displayed in a lovely mix with vintage Scandinavian and contemporary pieces.

I really love the mix of colors, patterns and textures.

And the mix of different ethnical patterns from different times. Here a vintage Swedish rug from the early 1920’s together with a chair with African textile! Wonderful!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos… they are taken with my phone.

My dog Kakan was not too happy about the exhibition…

our modern “funkis” kitchen

I had a lovely visit from Niki at my scandinavian home some days ago. You can see her images here, but I would also like to share more pictures from our kitchen and more in-depth explanation of the renovation we did.

Our house is from 1934, made in the early days of the “funkis” (functionalist design) era. When we moved in a few years ago it was more or less untouched with a lot of original details from the 1930’s. The kitchen still had parts of the original custom made kitchen cabinets, but modern appliances was added to the old structure and it didn’t work neither from a functional nor an aesthetical perspective.

We decided that we would re-make the kitchen with inspiration from the original one and using details that were right for the 1930’s. We got the old glass containers from a friend that had renovated a flat from the same years and installed a modern kitchen.

We contacted a local carpenter to help us build a custom made kitchen inspired by the original but with modern functionality. We found Christer Bentmon, the best carpenter ever! I made the drawings and he built it for us. We love our new kitchen and want it to live as long as the previous one, for more than 80 years!

The cabinets and doors are made of ash because we wanted a wood with grains that would remain visible after painting. I painted all the parts 4 times (!!!) by hand. The first two layers of a traditional, ecological paint made of egg, linseed oil and natural pigments. I used the color  5-632 from Ovolin and it is an amazingly beautiful shade of green. It is a color that changes a lot with the light from cold to warm and with variation in color intensity. This kind of paint is quite sensitive to use in a kitchen, so I finished it with two layers of hard wax oil in matte finish from Osmo. As I am a bit “damaged” from my work as a Color and Material designer, of course I had to test different stains on the hard wax oil before deciding that it was the right coating. It passed my stain test and now we have a very functional and beautiful color in our kitchen!

When we did the renovation we also removed a wall to open up the kitchen towards the entrance of the house, to get more light in the entrance area but also to get more storage space for our kitchen things. You can also see how the shape of the old cabinets was an inspiration for the new kitchen.