New Floral Rules

Flowers, a passion of ours is really becoming a form of art. Loosening up the traditional floral roles. Dried flowers in combination with living ones. Papercut leaves and painted grass creating still lifes in the most unexpected way with new color combinations and allowing the vase to take part in the spotlight.



Office Interior

This is my latest work and where I work!

Interior design is not much different from my job as an industrial designer, I design experiences for the user and approached this project the same way I would approach a project, the only difference was that this time the end result was not a product

I’m glad I hade the interior decorating firm Addentity Interior (who have extensive experience with office furniture) by my side, completing this task!

And now we are nominated for the best looking office of the year!

Read the full article here!

The color palette used was inspired by a 3M Dichroic-Film Photography by #onlyinterior


We wish you all a wonderful, colorful 2018!

Today was the first day of work this year and I started the day by looking through some color trend reports to get inspired and kick start the new year. It feels like there is much more color coming into our world again, both in fashion, interior and product design.

This is one of the trends from Stylus Color Spectrum for AW19-20, called Playful Optimism. I love it!

I was also looking at the Pantone color of the year, but I must say that I don’t believe in this color.

I believe that we will see more purple in 2018, but I think it will be newer, fresher versions of purple. I think we will see more of pale shades of purple that will become more of a base to replace white or grey. It becomes even more interesting when adding a color contrast to it.

In the interiors the shades will be even more pale and in combination with softer colors.

What do you think?